Clothes Donation

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

― Mark Twain

Since our inception and coincidentally, even on the day of our inception, Sarvahitey has been conducting regular clothes donation drives. Sarvahitey is well educated about the basic fundamental requirements of life, Roti, Kapda and Makaan, and in pursuance of the one of these requirements, we undertake such clothes donation drives.

The modus operandi for these drives is very simple yet systematic. The volunteers, on a regular basis, keep a lookout for clothes and places to donate. When we have ample of either, we decide a day for organising the event. If we have a lot of clothes, which we keep getting in surplus from our donors and well-wishers. Having organised a day to host the event, our volunteers do a survey of the area just a day before the event. And then we inform and mobilise volunteers for the drive. On the day of the drive, we sort the clothes into the sizes for the event to be swift and organised.

Till date we have conducted several clothes donation drive, the project being a permanent project, throughout Delhi/NCR. The locations we have covered under this project, yet, are: Nizamuddin Basti, Lodhi Road, Majnu ka Tilla, Vasant Kunj, Gole Market in New Delhi; and Sector 51, Sector 61, Sector 62 and Harola in Noida.

As mentioned earlier, for the reason that clothes are the bare essentials, their requirements are also unending, and luckily, for us and those who require them, we have ample donors who donate us clothes on a regular basis. We only take those clothes that people have outgrown and which are in a condition to be worn without being ashamed. Thus, if you have any clothes like this, please contact us.

Location: India


So, during the week when we plan of donating clothes, we survey the specific area (the suggestion for such places is welcome), take advice as to who all are in dire need of clothes in that area, meet up with the headman and device a plan as to how to go about the donation and take as many volunteers along to help organize a flawless drive.

These clothes that we donate are collected by our area-heads, i.e. volunteers who take up the responsibility of being one, much prior to our drive. In fact, our cloth collection continues year round to meet with the requirements (viz. as many as possible) of our donation.

We have gifted these clothes, blankets, etc. at various locations around Delhi NCR, like

  • Majnu ka Tila
  • Vidhan Sabha locality
  • Nizamuddin
  • Noida (Various Sectors)
  • Vasant Kunj
  • Masoodpur
  • Sarai Kale Khan among others

When it comes to gifting these clothes, we do not differentiate, and thus, our clothes go to nomads, so called invalids, and other classes of people. We have even out at nights in winters for the distribution to help them survive the harsh weather.

So, to become a part of our Cloth Donation Drives, we urge you to come forward and give us your contribution either in donation form or by helping us host an event