Model Village

“Instead of noblemen, let us have noble villages of men.”

-Henry David Thoreau

The district of Mewat, officially named Nuh, is situated in Haryana, about a 100 Kms from Delhi and has become the region of one of our dream projects in a very short time, due to the backwardness of the area that we visited and target now, and the potential we see for development. We propose and are working diligently and unceasingly to develop a Model Village in Babupur Village in the aforementioned Mewat (Nuh) District of Haryana. Sarvahitey has been working in the following fields, which we are planning to develop in Babupur, Mewat under the model village concept:

  • School Although there is already a school set up in the village, the backwardness of the village and the juvenile state of the development in the area has demanded of us to set-up a library; install water coolers; install adequate sound system for morning assembly; preparing a list of qualified people and appointing them as teachers on contract basis; use of projector for teaching and showing informative videos; and most importantly and primarily, a computer lab with 3-4 computers, which we plan to increase in the near future.
  • Sports Complex The residents of the village are sports enthusiasts and sufficiently fit due to their rural diet and lifestyle. For this purpose, we plan to start a sports complex in the area with a Volleyball Court; a cemented Cricket Pitch; and a Kho-Kho Field.
  • Sanitation With regards sanitation, we have planned to raise awareness and implementation towards having a toilet in every house; discourage open defecation; cleanliness cum awareness drives with help of school children; and installation of dustbins at various places. In addition to this, we plan to plant 500-1000 trees (pomegranate and jamun) in the village the permission for which we have already got from the authorities. Other plans include beautification of graveyard and plantation of trees there; and tree plantation day would be celebrated as a festival as well.
  • Panchayat Bhawan We plan on buiding a Panchayat Bhawan where information would be provided about various policies which will benefit the villagers. Opening of bank accounts, applying for various grants and pensions, voter card, PAN card, BPL cards etc will be facilitated.
  • Legal Aid In our attempt to make the entire village legally aware, awareness campaigns will be organized at regular interval; street plays and role plays will be conducted; and Sarvahitey will be providing free legal aid for litigation for the purposes of advancing their availing of rights.
  • Industry Sarvahitey also plans to, over and above the aforementioned, set up, enhance and improve the following industries being: Poultry; Dairy; and Handloom.
  • Health In the health sector, Sarvahitey plans to, and has already made developments towards opening a Clinic; organising Health Camps; raising awareness drives to promote healthy lifestyle; and provide Health Insurance to each resident.
  • Solar Energy As solar energy is the cheapest possible method of obtaining energy, Sarvahitey has already made efforts and developments to have it harnessed in the village, which we plan to propose for the entire district, which includes instalment of solar water heaters, solar panels for direct electricity among others. In addition to this, awareness about the importance of renewable sources of energy, including it being one of the cleanest forms of energy will be spread in and around Mewat district.

Location: India


The admiration for this project witnesses hoards of volunteers from all around Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon gathering in our cleanliness drive to rid Delhi/NCR of any and every speck of dust that makes the capital anything but perfect.

Each weekend, the volunteers of Sarvahitey assemble at a pre-decided location, fit their gloves, pick their brooms up, pull their socks up and clean up the capital city, and the region around. Along with volunteers who sweep the city, we have volunteers carrying garbage bags to pick up the thrown wrappers, unlit cigarette butts, plastic bottles, and basically any and everything that scars the beauty of this city.Our mission does not end at cleaning the city and making our volunteers believe in cleanliness. By these drives,

we call out to each and every human to instill in themselves a sense of neatness, and that when not taking part in one of our drives, they should clean the city starting with their homes

It gives us immense pleasure to see people, not linked with us before that, come up to us, ask for some gloves and a bag and start cleaning the city with us. We wish everyone to do that, be it with us around, or not.