Vocational Training

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

― Kahlil Gibran

The members of Sarvahitey are in regular communication with the disadvantaged members of the society neighbouring the residential as well as professional habitats of the members. They regularly take updates on the problems faced by the people that constitute the underprivileged section. One such incident apprised us of the lack of self-sufficiency in the young adults and adults around Noida Sector 51, i.e. the Noida office of Sarvahitey.

Taking prompt note of the situation and formulating a plan of action to provide training to the appropriate population, the members realised that there is a need for making arrangements for such people. The manner in which the training may be provided to them was decided as vocational training in small scale production of household items.

Since then, the members of Sarvahitey, headed by Ms. Deepali Ahuja, who is a guest lecturer at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Institute for Physically Handicapped, gather at F-56, Sector 51, Noida weekly, to teach house maids and other unskilled women to produce various articles and apparels, including mobile covers, diyas, Christmas trees, etc., which are then sold to buyers through various mediums.

Through this project, Sarvahitey proposes to, and is making efforts towards such endeavours where these unskilled women may raise their incomes substantially, and become self-sufficient, thereby empowering themselves in a capital dominant society.

Venue: Sector 51, Noida
Timing: Thursdays 10 to 11:30 am

Location: India


So, during the week when we plan of donating clothes, we survey the specific area (the suggestion for such places is welcome), take advice as to who all are in dire need of clothes in that area, meet up with the headman and device a plan as to how to go about the donation and take as many volunteers along to help organize a flawless drive.

These clothes that we donate are collected by our area-heads, i.e. volunteers who take up the responsibility of being one, much prior to our drive. In fact, our cloth collection continues year round to meet with the requirements (viz. as many as possible) of our donation.

We have gifted these clothes, blankets, etc. at various locations around Delhi NCR, like

  • Majnu ka Tila
  • Vidhan Sabha locality
  • Nizamuddin
  • Noida (Various Sectors)
  • Vasant Kunj
  • Masoodpur
  • Sarai Kale Khan among others

When it comes to gifting these clothes, we do not differentiate, and thus, our clothes go to nomads, so called invalids, and other classes of people. We have even out at nights in winters for the distribution to help them survive the harsh weather.

So, to become a part of our Cloth Donation Drives, we urge you to come forward and give us your contribution either in donation form or by helping us host an event